Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fisher Price Baby Papasan Cradle Swing Review

It has many more features and options including the ability to swing in two directions. Other features include six speeds, eight different songs with a volume control and a toy tray.

Here are some advantages over the traditionally popular Graco six speed swings:

•It swings in two directions, front to back and side to side (similar to a cradle). Babies seem to prefer the side to side
•Has a plush cradle similar to the popular Papasan Bouncy Seat. There is something about this design that babies love, they kind of melt into it.
•It’s much quieter and doesn't have that “clicking sound” that many swing have
•Takes up a relatively small footprint
Becuase of the cradle like quality to this swing, your baby is also likely to really enjoy it for naps and it may even become the place that they sleep for those really difficult nights. It's definitely worth the extra money over a traditional swing.

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