Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fun Toys To Kick Off Playdates

Kids' playdates are not just an opportunity to get lil ones together to play but for the mamas to catch up on each others' lives and discuss their parenting questions. While most parents agree that unstructured play will allow the tots to be creative and work together, sometimes they need a lil push to get them going. Having a few joint-play toys on hand may provide just the right amount of encouragement to get the wee ones up and playing.

Play Dough
Homemade play dough is quick and easy to make and only costs pennies. Go ahead and make multiple colors so each tot can work with the one he likes most

Baking Project
Invite the kids into the kitchen to create their very own treats. Coose a kid-friendly recipe and tools to make delicious snacks and will help bring shy tots out of their shells.

Floor Puzzles
Large floor puzzles, will actively engage the kids while encouraging communication between them too.

Don't throw away last year's Halloween costumes. Instead, start a costume trunk filled with a variety of outfits that the wee ones can use for dress up. Mama's old dresses, dad's old uniforms, and new costumes picked up on sale the day after Halloween are perfect for creating a full trunk.

Melissa & Doug have a great variety of role play costumes from a hair stylist, chef, construction worker, vet, pirate and many more order yours at use coupon code AZ for 15% off your entire purchase!

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