Sunday, February 22, 2009

Diaper Bag Checklist

If you are a new mom or preparing for your second child, packing your diaper bag with the necessities can be a challenge. What should you pack and How many? Here are somethings that every mom or dad should have in their diaper bag when out with baby.


Diapers at least 8 if you have a newborn you will need aproximately 1 diaper for every hour you are out. As your child gets older you will not have to change her quite as often,but diapers are something you never want to run out of.

A Wipecase filled with wipes, not only are these needed for changing your baby, but for your hands and any other accidents that may occur while you are out. Instead of a plain white one, do diaper duty in style and get one that matches your diaper bag.

A Changing Mat (most diaper bags come with them) this is a must have item, place it o the changing station in any public restroom or lay it down before you change your baby when visiting friends and family.

A tube of Diaper Rash Cream, I prefer Balmex in my experience it clears up diaper rash the quickest!

2 Burp Cloths for burping, wiping up faces, cleaning spit up and any other messes.

1 Receiving Blanket in case it gets cold or to place over your stroller to block the sun from your baby.

An extra Outfit which can include sweater, onesie, pair of pants, shirt, socks and sun hat.

Baby Sunscreen

A Baby Bottle if he uses one, pumped milk must be used within 10 hours of taken out of the fridge. If Formula is used fill the bottle with dry formula or you can purchase a container for formula.

2 Toys rattles, discovery toys, and stuffed animal that plays music are all good choices. Switch the toys up from time to time so baby does not get bored.

2 Bibs

A Favorite Comfort object like a lovey blanket.

2 Extra Pacifiers stored in a plastic bag.

3-4 Large Zip Loc Bags for sealing and tossing dirty diapers or for taken home dirty or wet clothes.

A Business Card or Index Card with your name and phone number in case your bag gets lost.

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