Saturday, February 14, 2009

Getting Your Child To Bed Is As Easy as 123!

My Daughter Addy is 2 and sometimes getting her to sleep is hard especially for a working mom!

Getting enough sleep is essential to helping your child lead a healthy life. Addy and I follow the 123's of sleep and she gets her proper rest at night and still manages an hour nap in the middle of the afternoon!

1) Have a Bedtime Routine
Addy brushes her teeth with her Dora toothbrush and the we get in bed with a few of her favorite stuffed animals and her ultra soft green minky swirl and faux zebra fur blanket. Last we read a classic Curious George Book and off to bed we go.

2) Adjust Your Daytime Schedule
If Addy doesn't have her nap by 3:00 then we have to skip it or else she will never go to bed at a decent hour. If your schedule needs you to be up early gradually have your child go to bed a few minutes earlier. If your schedule is like mine and you need to work later in the evening then wake your child up a little later each morning and put her to bed a little later at night. Every family is different find a schedule that allows you to spend the most time with your child and allows your little one to get the 11-14 hours of sleep that needed.

3)Avoid Getting Into Bad Habits
Sometimes it is easy to keep Addy up when I need to finish the dishes or work on my website. Stay consistent with putting your child to sleep at the same time everynight and you both will be well rested and pleasent the next morning :)
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